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Dames in Action

My Teen United Methodist Women Unit

By Grace Killian

One of the most formative experiences of my faith journey was my participation in Dames in Action, my church’s teen circle of United Methodist Women. My friends and I began Dames in Action in 2003, and it still continues today even though all of the founding members have gone on to college.

Throughout my years with Dames in Action I served as missions coordinator, vice president and president. Those of us who created the group were inspired by the older women in our church and throughout the world who had worked their whole lives to minister to the poor and to those in need. Through Dames in Action I witnessed even further the women’s amazing work and was inspired by their devotion to serving God’s children. We constantly felt their support and mentoring, which was crucial to the formation of Dames in Action.

Dames in Action helped develop my passion for social justice and service. One year we held a basketball foul shot competition to raise money and awareness for Nothing But Nets. I think it was at this event when I really began to realize that I could see myself doing this work to serve God for the rest of my life. It was then that I really began to see the Church in action. I saw a Church united in a common cause to serve others. Not only did this project help those who need it but also brought people together to form community. It was through my experiences with Dames in Action and the United Methodist Women that I witnessed the amazing power of service of God and others in transforming lives and uniting people.

Grace Killian is a sophomore at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass. She is studying international and global studies and music as well as peace and conflict studies. She is a member of United Methodist Women at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Last Updated: 04/12/2014

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