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Who Is My Neighbor?

An exercize during a seminar puts participants in the shoes of others with different incomes.
United Methodist Women members from Baltimore-Washington Conference explore the wealth gap in the U.S. during the seminar on the economic crisis. Seminar Program Photo.

Seeking a Christian Perspective on Immigration

This is the question that Baltimore-Washington Conference United Methodist Women will be exploring over the next three days during their seminar with the United Methodist Seminar Program. The Baltimore-Washington Conference United Methodist Women have been coming for seminars on various topics from economic justice to climate change for years.

During this seminar on immigration the women will explore the history of migration and immigration policies in the United States, the forces behind global migration and detention and deportation. Through Bible study they’ll find ways Christians are called to respond.

An essential feature of the seminars designed by the United Methodist Seminar Program is to provide opportunities for participants to meet with persons who are most affected by the issue being studied. Sabrina White, member of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, Northeastern Jurisdiction president and Women’s Division Board member states, “The seminar gives us opportunity to interact with the speakers. For example, at one seminar, ‘A Just Peace in the Middle East,’ I spoke firsthand with a Palestinian woman and an Israeli woman each telling their life story. How enlightening it was to hear both hoped for peace.”

This week, the women from the Baltimore-Washington Conference will hear from Cindy Johnson, Deaconess and Kyung Za Yim intern, who will share the realities of living on the U.S.–Mexico border. The organization Families for Freedom will meet with the women to talk about how the detention and deportation process is tearing families apart. These are just two examples of the kinds of opportunities United Methodist Seminars make available to participants.

As Ms. White states, “The opportunities to learn are endless. Both laity and clergy see personally what the United Methodist Women are learning and doing outside the local United Methodist Women units. The seminar reinforces why and how United Methodist Women makes a difference in improving the lives of Women, children and youth not only locally but also globally.”

Last Updated: 12/13/2010

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