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Interviews with Women from "Voices from the Frontlines"

United Methodist Women spoke to about what would make implementation of UNSCR 1325 effective and how women of faith can implement peace around the world. Watch their interviews below, linked from Youtube.

Sameena Nazir on authenticity of implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Pakistan and the role women of faith take in implementing peace.

Christiana Harmon on Liberia's new charge for putting women at the forefront of peace and how United Methodist Women in Liberia are crucial to demanding peace.

Andrea Zeravcic on taking action for women's partiicpation in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina and how children can help implement peace.

The Rev. Marta Benavides on implementing UNSCR 1325 in El Salvador and how women of faith can be a driving force for action.

Last Updated: 10/29/2010

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