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Board Meeting, Fall 2010

Sally L. Vonner Elected to Women's Division AGS Position, and Other Approvals

By Leigh Rogers

At their Annual board meeting, Oct. 7-11 in Stamford, Conn., the Women’s Division board of directors approved or reported on the following actions:

Personnel Committee
Sally L. Vonner was elected by the Board of Directors of the Women’s Division to the Assistant General Secretary of the section of Membership and Leadership Development.

Executive Committee
Directors approved the recommendation that the Deaconess and Home Missioner commissioning be held during the 2011 Women’s Division spring board meeting.

Funding recommendations for A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial Offering Fund 2009 and A Brighter Future for Women, Children and Youth 2010, both including international and national projects, were approved, as were International Ministries projects for 2010.

Assembly 2010
Assembly 2010 coordinator Andris Salter reported on the April 2010 Assembly event, the quadrennial gathering of United Methodist Women members. “Change and progress is what this Assembly was all about,” said Andris Salter.

The change and progress included new communications technologies enabling livestreaming Assembly 2010 worship and plenaries, Skyping with units around the world and starting paperless, online registration for the first time. Over 10,000 prayer shawls and baby blankets were received at Assembly 2010 and distributed to national and international mission institutions around the world.

Edinburgh 2010
Glory Dharmaraj reported and reflected on Women’s Division’s attendance at Edinburgh 2010, the centennial reunion of the ecumenical World Missionary Conference of Edinburgh in 1910. United Methodist Bishop Hope Morgan Ward also spoke on the importance of the future of mission and women’s roles in sustaining that mission work in The United Methodist Church.

Membership and Leadership Development
The board approved the distribution of funds to the Cultivation Fund for the Alaska, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, Red Bird Missionary, Rio Grande and Yellowstone Conferences.

Two proposed leadership events, including one for young women and another for language ministries, were approved.

Christian Social Action

The board approved that the United Methodist Women National Seminar for 2011 be Aug. 13-17 in Birmingham, Ala. It also approved a recommendation for the Section of Christian Social Action to start working on draft language for General Conference resolutions in areas of concern, through interagency cooperation and collaboration. The final recommendations for 2012 General Conference resolutions will be presented for approval at the spring 2011 board meeting.

The board approved the total proposed operating budget with anticipated revenue of $17.7 million and expenses of $17.7 million. It also approved a new banking relationship from Bank of New York Mellon to JPMorgan Chase due to changes in services resulting from the merger of Bank of New York and Mellon Bank.

Thirty-two national project grant requests totaling $580,899 for A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial were approved, as were 25 international project grant requests totaling $422,358.


Leigh Rogers is public relations and web content associate for the Women's Division of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries.

Last Updated: 10/18/2010

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