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Our New Online Community

The new UMWOnline is a place for members, friends and anyone interested in building strong relationships among a community of Christian women. It’s a place to find one another, connect, and communicate in ways that weren’t possible before.

To register for the new and exciting UMWOnline go to www.umwonline.net.


  • Easy access to directories of members and groups for a productive search
  • Ability to create multiple profiles to share relevant information with the right group


  • Participate in formal network groups or create your own informal groups
  • Control your privacy and permissions, based on multiple profiles
  • Connect with groups or reach out one on one


  • Update your status
  • Send messages inside UMWOnline directly to e-mail addresses
  • Blog and make comments
  • Share documents, pictures, links 

People naturally form networks. Whether that's because they are in the same geographic location, they are interested in mission together, or maybe are staying connected with folks they met at Assembly 2010. It is the communication within those networks that creates and sustains growth in every organization or community.

To register for the new and exciting UMWOnline go to www.umwonline.org.

Last Updated: 08/15/2013

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