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Cleo Hill Henry

The Women's Division was saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Cleo Hill Henry which occurred on March 18, 2008. Ms. Henry was one who paved the way for many in the United Methodist Women's organization today.

Mrs. Henry served the Central Jurisdiction as teller and as Secretary of Children's Work. She was recording secretary of Delaware Conference Commission on World Service and Finance and its committee on Codifying Laws and Rules. She was recording secretary 1951 to1956 and treasurer 1956 to1964 of the Central Jurisdiction Woman's Society. Ms. Henry also taught mission study courses in seventeen conferences and in most of the historically black colleges. She paved the way for many.

As a member of the Women's Division from 1964 to 1972, she went to Africa on the first World Understanding team, was treasurer of the World Federation of Methodist Women of the North American area, and a delegate to the British Methodist Conference in 1973. She paved the way for many.

Ms. Henry was featured in the Response magazine, The Voice of Women in Mission, when she turned 100 years of age and in the book They Went Out Not Knowing: An Encyclopedia of 100 Women in Mission.

On behalf of United Methodist Women and Women's Division we express our thanks to God for Cleo Hill Henry—for her rich life of service, and her dedication to paving the way for so many ... women, children and youth who she many never have met. Thanks be to God.

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