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  • Ubuntu Explorer Journeys: India 2011
    02/07/2011 Come with us to India to participate in the 125th anniversary celebration of Isabella Thoburn College, the first Christian women’s college in India, and to connect with Methodist Women of India.
  • Atlantic Street Center Celebrates 100 Years by Darcy McInnis
    02/01/2011 In 2010, Atlantic Street Center—a youth-focused social service agency in Seattle, Washington—celebrated 100 years of service to the city’s citizens. The center began life in 1910 when it was founded by two young women. One was a teacher; the other, a nurse; and both had been ordained as deaconesses by the Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Tacoma Community House: An Evolving Ministry by Derrick Rhayn
    02/01/2011 Throughout 2010, Tacoma Community House (TCH)—long supported by United Methodist Women—celebrated 100 years of ministry as a national mission institution of The United Methodist Church.
  • Ending Human Trafficking, One Life at a Time by Isabella Simonyan on UMCOR.org
    01/28/2011 Alisa* fell prey to a human trafficker in her hometown in Armenia. She was just 20 years old and the single mother of a nine-month-old baby. The trafficker forced Alisa into prostitution by threatening to kidnap her young child if she did not do as he said. He kept her enslaved and took all the money she made.
  • Ubuntu Explorer Journeys: Brazil 2011
    01/24/2011 Join the Methodist Women in Brazil to create a life free of violence for women, children and youth. The Ubuntu Journey will visit the cities of São Paulo (São Paulo, in the southeast of Brazil) and Fortaleza (Ceará, in the northeast of Brazil) during the days of September 18–30, 2011.
  • International Climate Change Negotiations Update by Pamela Sparr
    01/24/2011 Governmental delegation and nongovernmental organization expectations were rather low going into Cancun, unlike the hopes for the previous Conference of the Parties (COP) negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, which ended on a disappointing and divisive note. Despite lower expectations this time around, participants were anxious to reach some sort of agreement, even if meant poor content.
  • Susannah Wesley Community Center Plays Key Role in Human Trafficking Case by Catherine Heggarty, with Sonya Chung-Hirano and Dominic Inocelda
    01/07/2011 The biggest human trafficking case in U.S. history is currently in federal court in Honolulu, Hawaii. A United Methodist Women–affiliated mission, the Susannah Wesley Community Center played a major role in helping the victims.
  • Free Webinars on Faith and Domestic Violence
    01/04/2011 United Methodist Women is offering a series of free webinars on Wednesdays from February 16 to March 2, 2011. Topics cover how people of faith, churches and clergy can help stop domestic violence and help victims.
  • We Are United Methodist Women by Linda J. DuRant
    12/30/2010 We are the women of the Church, the United Methodist Women. We serve a risen Savior. We carry on the traditions that hundreds of thousands of women have passed down in whispers and shouts to their sisters and daughters and nieces and friends.
  • Hats by by Linda J. DuRant
    12/30/2010 Hats have woven their way into society. The phrases "toss your hat into the ring" or "keep it under your hat" are instantly understood. When someone does something significant we give a "tip of the hat" to that person.

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