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Poverty: The Call: The Roma

Each year, United Methodist Women members prepare for faithful living and action by studying mission studies. Mission studies are offered each year - a geographical, topical, and spiritual growth study. These studies motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry. 

Members take one of the three mission studies through the organization's Schools of Christian Mission program offered around the country. 

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The Church and People with Disabilities

Unlike other categories of human experience, disability crosses all lines of gender, orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic position, age and culture. The intent of these mission studies is to promote awareness, inclusion, accessibility and advocacy for people with disabilities — including youth and children.
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The Call: Living Sacramentally, Walking Justly

This study offers tools to deepen spiritual identity, engagement in community and involvement in mission, looking at the sacramental understandings of baptism and communion and lifting up models of response to God’s call.
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The Roma of Europe

This book will introduce you to the Roma, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. You will discover their history up to and including the twentieth century. You will also be able to learn about their lifestyle and spirituality, and investigate ways the church and other organizations are working alongside the Roma.
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Immigration and The Bible

The Bible is the ultimate handbook for responding to immigrants. This spiritual growth study explores the biblical and theological understandings of immigration, immigrants and migration, and examines what it is to be a sojourner and to live into the biblical mandate of hospitality for “the stranger” and “aliens” in our midst.
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Participants in the Poverty mission study will engage in deepening their understanding of the realities of poverty and be invited to commit to solidarity with the poor through accompaniment and advocacy.
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