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Geographic Study (2007)

Israel / Palestine

2007- 2008 Mission Study


This study will help the participants to learn about the history and complexities of relationships between Israel and Palestine. We will explore and understand the concepts of security and freedom that dominate the lives of these peoples. This study will challenge participants to move through tolerance and respect to achieve a just peace.


  • To provide information about countries, peoples, histories, cultures and religions of Israel and Palestine.
  • To examine current issues of racism, terrorism, occupation, refugees and liberation.
  • To analyze the complexities of land issues, borders and statehood.
  • Explore the stance of UMC and predecessor denominations and other faith communities during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • To explore the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on women and children.
  • To explore the use/abuse of religion in mid-eastern and US policies.
  • To develop action plans that will lead participants to influence US policy to achieve justice and peace for Palestine and Israel and to live out the gospel and be in solidarity with one another.
  • To network with existing organizations to achieve lasting peace in the region.
  • To examine the role of media in reporting the Israel Palestine conflict and the myths of Israel Palestine that have developed in US culture.
  • To explore the Israel and Palestine communities in the US and the influence or lack thereof on US policies.

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