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Concerning Prayer

Concerning Prayer guides the reader through types of prayer and points to role-models who have become known for their spiritual guidance, The Lord's Prayer is explored as a model for prayer which emerged from the formal and informal prayers of the Jewish people.  Christianity moved through such times and place---was shaped by cultures and shaped them.  Mary Kathryn Pearce gently leads the reader through these variations, both informing and inspiring believers to go more deeply into their own spiritual practices.  Her weave between prayers of the heart and prayers of action challenges readers to ask themselves, "How do we act in the face of evil?"  "How do we pray?"

Maxine West provides a helpful study guide that gets people directly into the practices of prayer both individually and corporately.  Although prayer seems straight forward enough, wide ranging options and challenging dilemmas surface as we decide our own best way to pray and explore what we should pray for.

Brenda Wilkinson, author of the youth study guide on prayer, has written several widely read books for young people.  Ms. Wilkinson offers her own childhood stories of life and death as she grew into a life of prayer.  Each generation must pray the next generation into the life of faith and prayer.  Deep questions, faith and simple practices help a young person move from insights onward toward a prayerful life.


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