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Poverty: The Call: The Roma

Each year, United Methodist Women members prepare for faithful living and action by studying mission studies. Mission studies are offered each year - a geographical, topical, and spiritual growth study. These studies motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry. 

Members take one of the three mission studies through the organization's Schools of Christian Mission program offered around the country. 

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Concerning Prayer

Concerning Prayer guides the reader through types of prayer and explores prayer issues such as interfaith prayer and prayer in school.
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To understand the church in twenty-first century Cuba, we must be aware of its particular character and history and the five events that have had a significant impact on the Christian church. Therefore the Cuba study is about the church in Cuba in its various forms.
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Exodus: The Journey to Freedom

Christine Keels and the Rev. Bernard Keels have provided a deep river of content to draw us through the historical journey of African American Methodists in the United States.
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Creating Interfaith Community

This study is designed to help United Methodists in the United States learn the theological and contemporary issues involved in creating interfaith community and its implications for global mission.
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The Scandalous Message of James

Join us in a journey of understanding James with its wisdom proverbs, shocking exhortations, and supportive fellowship.
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