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Poverty: The Call: The Roma

Each year, United Methodist Women members prepare for faithful living and action by studying mission studies. Mission studies are offered each year - a geographical, topical, and spiritual growth study. These studies motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry. 

Members take one of the three mission studies through the organization's Schools of Christian Mission program offered around the country. 

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Restorative Justice

This mission study is a response to the call of The United Methodist Church to focus upon Restorative Justice ministries in light of the prison-industrial complex, and offers a vision of restoration and healing over isolation and punishment.
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The history of Mexico contains a complex and largely unknown spiritual history outside of Mexico. Despite the long border between the two countries, most U.S. citizens know only the Mexico of today's headlines. This study gives a brief political and cultural history of Mexico and gives a portrait of Mexico's history of religion.
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Jesus and Courageous Women

Courageous women of the New Testament offer role models for today's Christian women, who are compelled by Jesus and his teachings to be transformed and to transform the world. This study highlights women's roles in the sacred stories and provides a window for viewing women's leadership among Jesus' early followers.
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Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Learn about the people and lands of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Increase your awareness of United Methodist mission work by and with Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians.
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Global Health & Christian Response-ability

Explore the current status of global health care as it affects individuals, societies and the mission and ministry of the church in this mission study.
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