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Seminar Program

Custom-designed seminars provide an opportunity to:

  • Explore issues through interactive exercises, Bible study and discussion.
  • Engage with human rights activists, grassroots organizations and religious leaders.
  • Learn about the work of the United Nations and government policies.
  • Visit local community organizations.
  • Act during the seminar and develop actions to take upon returning home.

PDF: Portable Document FileSee a sample seminar schedule 


“Armed with enhanced knowledge and awareness of this pervasive phenomenon, we are now prepared to help educate others in our communities and to work as advocates to help end violence and abuse against women and children everywhere.”
—Ann Price, United Methodist Women member

“Only in retrospect did I realize that my own sense of responsibility for moral and religious education was being shaped not only by my congregation but by the commitment of the United Methodist Women to education for the transformation of society.”
—Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe

“As a campus minister, I have been taking groups to New York City to the Seminar Program since 2005, and I have never been disappointed. I am consistently amazed at the quality of speakers, intentional dialogue, provocative and thought-provoking worship and the entire program.”

—Narcie Jeter, United Methodist Campus Minister

“This is great! I’m so proud of my church for being on top of such important issues.”

—Seminar participant

“I feel as though my eyes have been opened to issues that I hadn’t seen before.”
—Seminar participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in a seminar?

Groups can set up a seminar at any time of year. The length of the seminar depends on the desires of the group. Although most seminars are for two days, seminars can be one day, two days or longer.

To schedule a seminar please complete the online form or contact us.

What seminar topics are offered?

Groups select their own topic for their seminar. Recent seminar topics include: economic justice, human trafficking, immigration, environmental justice and human rights.

How much does a seminar cost?

Seminars are $12 per person per day. The Seminar Program asks that you bring a minimum of 20 people. Under special circumstances we will work with groups of fewer than 20 participants. However, you would still need to pay as if there were 20 participants (i.e. $240 per day).

Where are seminars located?

In New York City, seminars are held at the Church Center for the United Nations, directly across the street from the United Nations in mid-town Manhattan.

In Washington D.C. seminars are held at the United Methodist Building, adjacent to the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court, through the General Board of Church and Society.

Seminars on the road: Some groups prefer to host the seminars in their own communities. This gives groups the opportunity to explore specific issues and needs within their local context. To schedule a seminar on the road please contact us.

Where do groups stay?

Groups arrange their own travel and accommodations. 
PDF: Portable Document FileRecommended housing list.

The Seminar Program is sponsored and funded by United Methodist Women.


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