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Joy to the World!

Learn what it means to give "Joy to the World" as special guest speakers, including the Mission Study 2010 author Dana Robert shares her story at Assembly 2010's Mission Forward Symposium.

Summary of Joy to the World

The 2010 mission study, Joy to the World!, explores how mission and evangelism flow from joyous gratitude for the Good News of Jesus Christ.

PDF: Portable Document FileEdinburgh 2010:  A Mission Practitioner’s Perspective

Maria Chavez: indigenous Bolivian theologian

Maria Chavez on the Challenges Bolivian Women Face

Watch this interview in our Video Gallery: Ms. Chavez is an indigenous Bolivian theologian.
Mission in the Age of Global Christianity

Mission in the Age of Global Christianity

Interview with Dana Robert, author of "Joy to the World!"

United Methodist Women in Mission Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Dana Robert's keynote address at the Mission Forward seminar


Religions 1910-2010

From New World Outlook, this map depicts the world in 2010 by the religion with the most adherents in each of the world’s 3,000 major civil divisions (note that in some cases this is a plurality rather than an actual majority).

Please note: On page 7, second paragraph of the mission study text "Joy to the World":
"Joy to the World" is a shout of celebration, penned by the great hymn writer Isaac Watts in 1819". The correct date is 1719.


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