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Who Can Join?

We welcome all women who commit themselves to our Purpose, including you.

You don't have to be a member of The United Methodist Church to join. Our membership is diverse: women of many races, cultures, languages, young and old. There is no minimum age requirement.

Our members are women of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds:.

  • Employed and unemployed
  • Women with disabilities
  • Housewives and career women
  • Single, married, widowed and divorced women
  • Teen, young, middle-aged and older women
  • College and university women

We are multicultural, multilingual, and multiracial

As a member, you join forces with other women to embrace and work on the four mission emphases reflected in the Purpose.

Though every church is to have a unit of United Methodist Women, membership in The United Methodist Church does not automatically make you a member. You actively choose to become involved in the organization’s mission and support the Purpose.


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