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What Members Do

Members engage in the work of United Methodist Women at every level of the organization around all the different topics and issues we care about.

Members Organize Events

One thing is certain: United Methodist Women members organize and attend events! They

  • Organize vigils and legislative events around justice issues
  • Host potlucks, bake sales and socials at their churches to raise funds for mission work
  • Attend and organize Schools of Mission in their conferences or panel discussions on important issues
  • Attend Assembly, the quadrennial celebration of women in mission
  • Start Reading Program book clubs and circles for quilting and knitting
  • Plan service and advocacy opportunities in their communities

Members Serve their Communities

Local units, districts and conferences keep thirty percent of all raised funds for mission work to encourage support for local communities. With these funds, members

  • Support local National Mission Institutions and other local community centers
  • Volunteer at community centers and schools
  • Serve as leaders on their school boards and churches

Members Act for Justice

United Methodist Women members believe that charity is a gift, but social action helps change systems that keep people oppressed and dispossessed. To fulfill God’s call to bring heaven on earth, members

  • Sign up for Action Alerts through the Social Action Network
  • Contact their representatives to vote for legislation aiding women, children and youth
  • Serve their communities through partnership with United Methodist Women-supported community centers and institutions

Get Involved

As a member of United Methodist Women, you can be a part of a growing, supportive community and contribute to its continual growth when you:


  • Develop spiritually by prayer and Bible study
  • Support Financially with a Pledge to Mission and other donations
  • Intellectually through education about mission and mission projects


  • Get involved in both charity and justice issues
  • Be intentional about the use of the world’s resources
  • Strengthen the supportive community by joining UMWOnline


  • Learn about the changing needs in mission
  • Live a life of praise and thanksgiving
  • Develop a relationship with missionaries
  • Partner with our institutions or projects at home and around the world

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