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For the Love of God: John's Epistles

John's Epistles
Photo by Pat Hoerth

Online IntroOnline Introduction: The Epistles of John as a Spiritual Guide

The Epistles of John were written to encourage deeper, more meaningful faith, and therefore they speak to us just as much as they spoke to congregations 20 centuries ago, say study authors Catherine Gunsalus González and Justo L. González. 


Select a Bible chapter to view highlighted commentary from the study on specific passages. 

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ReflectionsReflections on John's Epistles

According to the Letters of John, the community must engage itself in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the practice of his teachings, and be fully defined as followers of Jesus Christ, says Mary Kathryn Pearce.


PhotosPhotos on Light and Darkness

Pat Hoerth shares her photos of light and darkness in nature, expressing 1 John 1:5-10. All photos by Pat Hoerth, used with permission.


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