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Immigration and The Bible

This spiritual growth study shares the story of the Bible as a narrative of immigrants and migration. Exploring the biblical and theological understandings of immigration, immigrants and migration, this study seeks to enable the participants to examine what it is to be a sojourner and to live into the biblical mandate of hospitality for “the stranger” and “aliens” in our midst.

The Bible: The Ultimate Handbook for Responding to Immigrants
The Bible was written by, for, and about migrants, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It gives directions for responding to sisters and brothers from around the world who come to a land seeking safety, sanctuary and sustenance.
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response: April 2012response April 2012 is a special issue on immigration and a supplementary resource for the spiritual growth study on Immigration and the Bible.

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*Jasmine's Story: Deportations Leave Teen Alone on umc.org
Immigration raids often make headlines but what you often don’t see is what happens next to families affected by deportations. Lilla Marigza introduces us to a teenager who suddenly found herself alone in America. Video and transcript.

Leader's Guide PDF: Portable Document File
Rev. Joan Maruskin, wrote this guide to give study leaders in the 2012 Regional Schools, the Schools of Christian Mission, and other settings ideas for engaging and transformative classes. The guide outlines four sessions for an eight -hour study based on Immigration and the Bible; it is undergirded by biblical insights, stories from real life situations, skits, and simulation exercises and offers action plans for congregations and local groups to follow.

Action Plans:

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