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Hope for Haiti: Youth Mission StudyHope for Haiti: A Mission Study for Youth

This mission study includes a short history of Haiti as well as activities and resources for teens. Written for study leaders, the book is  designed to connect youth with the life and interests of young people in Haiti, helping participants become better neighbors in our global community.
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Krik Krak; Children's Mission study resourceKrik, Krak: The Story of Haiti

This children's mission study and teacher's guide introduces students to Haiti, and to Haitians as fellow children of God, guiding students through Haiti's background, the people of Haiti, the January 10, 2010 earthquake, and how they can work in mission with Haiti. Purchase information:Get Krik, Krak from the e-store

Here are additional articles, photos and videos to supplement United Methodist Women's 2011 geographic mission study, Haiti: Challenges and Hope by the Rev. Dr. Jacques E. Pierre.

About Haiti: Challenges and Hope

Timeline of Haiti and the U.S.

See how the Haiti's history was influenced by U.S. diplomacy and policy.

Five Myths About Haiti

The Earthquake and Haiti's Recovery

Environmental Justice in Haiti

The Paradoxes of the Haitian Diaspora

Government immigration policies often create paradoxes for Haitians who live scattered.


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