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Authority to Secure Funds

Paragraph 256, Section 5, Article 6 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline gives instructions and authority for United Methodist Women to secure funds:

a) The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall secure funds for the fulfillment of its Purpose.
b) All funds, from whatever source secured by the unit of United Methodist Women, belong to the organization and shall be disbursed only in accordance with its constitution and by its order.
c) The total budget secured and administered by the organized unit in the local church shall include
(1) Pledges and other money for the program and responsibilities of the Women’s Division to be directed through regular channels of finance of United Methodist Women; and
(2) Funds to be used in mission locally, which shall include amounts for Administration and Membership Development.
d) The organized unit in the local church shall make an annual pledge to the total budget of the district or conference organization of United Methodist Women.
e) All Mission Giving funds channeled to the Women’s Division shall be appropriated by the division.

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