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Building Capacity of Handicraft Artisans Through Skills and Business Management Training


Sponsoring Agency: Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Center / MCCA

Purpose: Equipping youth in Antigua and Barbuda with livelihood skills and technical training in handicraft (bead making), agriculture (seedlings / solar drying) and marketing.

Pastoral for Women


Sponsoring Agency: Argentine Federation of Methodist Women

Purpose: Training and education to address the issues of bullying, addictions and reproductive education with teens and violence against women / girls / families.

Youth and Women Students in an Ecumenical Leadership Development Process


Sponsoring Agency: World Student Christian Federation / LA Region

Purpose: Promotion of leadership development in the student Christian movement of Latin America / Caribbean through theological/Biblical perspectives towards Christian Advocacy and communication.

Vocational Training of Indigenous Women


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Women's Federation of Bolivia

Purpose: Equipping women through vocational training in leadership, business and agriculture.

Ministry with Children and Teens


Sponsoring Agency: Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia

Purpose: Preparation of Christian Education materials that focus on child rights, self-worth, health and abuse for children and teens in the church.

Methodist Women's Federation Coordinator (PIM)


Sponsoring Agency: Women's Desk, Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia

Purpose: Staff support for the Women's Coordinator to develop and implement programming for women in the church.

Tapepora Mission


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church of Brazil

Purpose: Work with women, children and youth. Equipping indigenous members of the Brazil Methodist Church through advocacy towards self-determination, access to health care and freedom of expression within the church.

Confederation of Methodist Youth
(National Methodist Youth Organization)


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church of Brazil

Purpose: Program and training to develop youth leadership and strong membership within the Confederation of Methodist Youth in Brazil.

United Methodist Women in Cameroon


Sponsoring Agency: Cameroon United Methodist Women

Purpose: Development of women's fellowship, spirituality, organizational solidarity and empowerment through training in faith and livelihood skills.

Strengthening Leadership Capabilities of Women


Sponsoring Agency: Educacion Popular en Salud (EPES)

Purpose: Equipping women to improve their physical and psychological health thru training in the popular education method.

Empowering Ecumenical Women's Networks in Colombia


Sponsoring Agency: CEPALC

Purpose: Promotion of women’s emancipation in church and society towards acceptance of being created in the image and likeness of God through biblical gender and leadership training.

Women Are Free, Committed and Victorious


Sponsoring Agency: Colombia Methodist Church

Purpose: Promotion of women's emancipation in church and society towards acceptance of being created in the image and likeness of God through biblical gender and leadership training.

Creation of a Virtual Community of Women Leaders

Costa Rica

Sponsoring Agency: Women's Economic Development Network

Purpose: Equipping women to directly exchange information through technology in successful and sustainable economic practices and trends.

Microenterprise Leadership Development

Costa Rica

Sponsoring Agency: Women's Economic Development Network

Purpose: Equipping women members of the Women's Economic Development Network to access the tools and information needed for sustainable economic enterprises.

Young Women for Their Rights, Building Bridges of Equality.

Republic of Georgia

Sponsoring Agency: Tbilisi Youth House Foundation

Purpose: Equipping 220 young socially unprotected and internally displaced women with educational and vocational skills in business, computer, journalism and job readiness.

Youth Development Skills Training Program


Sponsoring Agency: GRENCODA

Purpose: Equipping youth with positive educational and developmental skills training in creativity, positive activity and lifestyle choices and the basics of employment and workplace concepts.

Crisis Intervention and Prevention Through Migrant Empowerment

Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China

Sponsoring Agency: MFMW Mission For Migrant Workers)

Purpose: Addressing urgent and long-term crises of foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China through case work, psycho-social services and worker organization towards advocacy for worker and human rights

Outreach to Asian Women Migrants for Justice and Empowerment

Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China

Sponsoring Agency: Bethune House

Purpose: Focus on the needs of Indonesian migrant domestic workers in crisis in Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China at two shelter facilities that provide food, shelter, legal and health services.

Regional Women's Program

Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China

Sponsoring Agency: World Student Christian Federation, Asia Pacific Region

Purpose: Equipping women of the student Christian movement in Asia with leadership skills and gender justice education towards collective advocacy for women's empowerment throughout the region.

Empowerment and Organizational Development for Marriage Migrant Rights and International Solidarity

Hong Kong, S.A.R, P.R. of China

Sponsoring Agency: Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants

Purpose: Advocacy and advocacy training for married migrants living/working in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia through education and advocacy training to migrant networks.

Multiple Responses to HIV/AIDS, Health Rights & Economic Justice for All

Sponsoring Agency: CRIF (Center for Research and Rehabilitation of Infants & Females)

Purpose: HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness through educational programs that network with other organizations supporting the same work in order to fully serve those living with HIV/AIDS in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Vocational Training Skills and Shelter


Sponsoring Agency: Anna Tillou Cottage for the Adult Mentally Challenged

Purpose: Equipping mentally challenged adult women through training in employable skills and community living in a group home setting.

Enhancing HIV Women and Children Towards Health, Economic and Educational Uplifting


Sponsoring Agency: IMAYAM Social Welfare Association

Purpose: Equipping women as PLHA with vocational skills and education, a security net for health needs and advocacy towards services to meet their needs.

Women's Empowerment Program DISHA


Sponsoring Agency: ISPCK (Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)

Purpose: Training and equipping rural women in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand to increase their economic capacity through learning sewing and embroidery and marketing products within the ISPCK businesses throughout India.

Cardiac Care for Women


Sponsoring Agency: DDMM Institute of Cardiology

Purpose: A health initiative to address cardiac health needs for women / girls through a wide education campaign and then a target group of women/girl patients to receive treatment and be ambassadors for cardiac healthcare.

Talitakum - Women's Coordinator (PIM)


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church – Region II

Purpose: Staff support for the women’s coordinator of the Gereja Methodist Indonesia Wilayah II (Indo. Methodist Church) to implement women’s training programs.

Youth Leadership Development Coordinator


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church – Region II

Purpose: Staff support for youth leadership capacity building and training in the Gereja Methodist Church II.

Healthier Families

Ireland (Northern)

Sponsoring Agency: Forthspring Inter Community Group

Purpose: Afterschool activity for children and mothers with focus on healthy life styles and choices.

Post-Conflict Community Transformation

Ireland (Northern)

Sponsoring Agency:

Purpose: Support for a Community Chaplin to reach out to local residents of East Belfast with a focus on women within the programs of East Belfast Mission.

Weaving Cooperative and Visiting Center - Kufr Manda

Israel / Palestine

Sponsoring Agency: Sindyanna of Galilee

Purpose: Equipping Arab women in basket making, running the Sindyanna workshop and marketing the products in the visiting center which lifts up and markets fair trade products made by Palestinian women

Jalazoune Refugee Camp Kindergarten (Preschool)

Israel / Palestine

Sponsoring Agency: YWCA of Jerusalem

Purpose: Provision of quality preschool education in a safe and peaceful environment for children of the Jalazoune Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem.

Equipping Women and Youth with Skills Training / Economic Development


Sponsoring Agency: DSPR-MECC (Dept. of Service to Refugees-Middle East Council of Churches)

Purpose: Computer training / education for refugee women / youth at Palestinian Refugee Camps in Irbid, Hiteen and Madaba, Jordan.

Methodist Women's Fellowship Health Program for Pregnant / Lactating Women Living with HIV/AIDS


Sponsoring Agency:

Purpose: Health and nutrition training for PLWHA towards improved health management in coastal region of Kenya.

Young Women’s Program / PIM


Sponsoring Agency: AACC (All Africa Conference of Churches)

Purpose: Support for Training of women in Church Leadership and Mission Program development.

Trauma Healing for Elderly Women in U.S. Military Camp Towns


Sponsoring Agency: Sunlit Sisters Center

Purpose: Psychiatric healing for elderly, former GI comfort women near the Humphrey U.S. Base in South Korea.

Laos Children, Women and Youth Preventative Health Care and Education Initiative


Sponsoring Agency: Lao Samphan Methodist Church of the Laos Mission Initiative

Purpose: Healthcare assistance and education for Lao women, youth and children through training of church women in basic first aid and networking the church community to medical providers and/or clinics.

Women's Leadership and Organizational Development


Sponsoring Agency: Lao Samphan Methodist Church of the Laos Mission Initiative

Purpose: Support for Methodist Women of Laos in Spiritual Growth, organizational development and skills training towards economic development throughout the 7 provinces in Laos where the church exists.

Theological and Practical Training


Sponsoring Agency: Fellowship of the Middle East Evangelical Churches (FMEEC)

Purpose: Training church members to be active and skilled church volunteers in Christian Education towards church development.

Summer University: Ecumenical Training for Youth Leadership and Human Rights Education


Sponsoring Agency: World Student Christian Federation, Middle East Region

Purpose: Youth designed and led training addressing leadership and social justice issues for members of the student Christian movement in the Middle East Region.

Mothers Helping Children


Sponsoring Agency: Liberia Conference United Methodist Women

Purpose: Educationally equipping women and youth through scholarships to secondary schools and universities.

Liberia UMC Women's Coordinator (PIM)


Sponsoring Agency: Liberia Conference United Methodist Women

Purpose: Salary support for the Liberia UMC Women's Coordinator to assist the work of mission programs for children, women and youth.

Christian Camping for Children and Youth


Sponsoring Agency: Lithuania United Methodist Church

Purpose: Support for United Methodist children in Lithuania to experience Christian camping in the Methodist tradition.

Lithuania United Methodist Women and Diaconal Coordinator (PIM)


Sponsoring Agency: Lithuania United Methodist Church

Purpose: Salary support for Lithuania UMC Women's and Diaconal Coordinator to work with UMW and diaconal programs with women and children.

Women's Seminar and Leadership Training Event


Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Church in the Republic of Macedonia

Purpose: Support for Christian women’s seminars on health and spiritual growth as well as leadership skills.

Staff Support for Hospice Staff (PIM)


Sponsoring Agency: Grace Ministries of Mongolia

Purpose: Salary support for the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and bookkeeper who provide medical and palliative care to all cancer patients who seek assistance.

Unlocking Commercial Finance for Rural Communities

Mozambique / United States

Sponsoring Agency: Shared Interest

Purpose: ost rural Mozambican women work in agriculture and are responsible for generating income for their families. The project will develop financial and business skills so women are able to develop credible business plans as well as negotiate credit with financial institutions and manage their businesses, resulting in increased income, productivity and food security for families and communities.

Non-Formal Education and Literacy Programs


Sponsoring Agency: United Mission to Nepal

Purpose: Community Development using non-formal education and literacy training to increase the skills and capacity of rural, poor women in the areas of literacy, livelihood development, health and hygiene, food production, child protection (including early marriages) and child education.

Young Women's Center and Trauma Counseling


Sponsoring Agency: Nepal Mahila Bishwasi Sangh (YWCA)

Purpose: Crisis ministry to women and children needing accommodation and support due to Domestic Violence, torture or critical health situations.

Capacity Building and Skills Development for Women


Sponsoring Agency: Milijuli Samaj Nepal (MSN)

Purpose: Skills training for women's empowerment and teen women's gender awareness in the areas of breast cancer, dental health, reproductive health and law, HIV/AIDS and livelihood opportunities.

Empowerment in Women's Health


Sponsoring Agency: Accion Medica Cristiana

Purpose: 100 women organized into community self-help groups will receive education in the prevention of cervical cancer.

Socio Economic Development for Women's Fellowship Groups


Sponsoring Agency: Church of Pakistan, Lahore Diocese, Women's Desk

Purpose: Income generation opportunities and first aid training for young women who are part of the Women’s Church Fellowship in the Lahore Diocese of the Church of Pakistan.

Evangelical Women Construct their Gender Role


Sponsoring Agency: Proceso Kairos Peru

Purpose: Training and education to church women's organizations towards greater leadership roles in both church and community.

Empowering Women In Transformation


Sponsoring Agency: Portuguese Methodist Women's Federation

Purpose: Supporting Portuguese Methodist Women in meeting their full leadership capacity through educational or professional scholarships.

Intergenerational Lifeline Project for Women Migrants and Their Children


Sponsoring Agency: Batis Center for Women

Purpose: Addressing the needs of returned and distressed women migrant workers for effective reintegration at home as well as training in prevention of victimization for the children/youth who will become the next generation of migrant workers.

National in Mission (NIM) for Victims of Human Trafficking / Overseas Filipino Workers and their Families


Sponsoring Agency: Board of Women's Work Philippines Central Conference

Purpose: The NIM aims to advocate for and provide services to Filipino migrants working in more than 200 countries around the world. Hundreds and thousands of these migrants are victims of human trafficking, stranded in many war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East, imprisoned in different detention centers, and some are on death row. The NIM also aims to assist especially the women migrant Filipinos who are victims of rape, violence and many other forms of abuses by their foreign employers through international network and local partners.

Women's Leadership Programs


Sponsoring Agency: Board of Women's Work

Purpose: Programs offered to women and youth of the Philippines Central Conference to develop and equip them for church leadership and mission outreach.

Community Based Response for the Protection of Street and Working Children


Sponsoring Agency: Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc. (KKFI)

Purpose: Provision of health, alternative education and medical/psychosocial assistance to street and working children/families in Manila.

Livelihood Skills Development Training for Unemployed


Sponsoring Agency:  Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc. (KKFI)

Purpose: Capacity building and job opportunities for unemployed women in urban, poor communities through increased access to educational resources for employment and income potential.

UMYFP: Promoting Social Holiness in Leadership Development


Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines (UMYFP)

Purpose: Development of social holiness understanding and action in the youth leadership of the National UMYFP.

Recreational Camp for Children with Disabilities / Educational Center for UMW Leadership


Sponsoring Agency: UMW of the Russia United Methodist Church

Purpose: Two fold program to strengthen the health of disabled children with cerebral paralysis and provide spiritual growth and social action education to women in Russia.

United Methodist Center Spring


Sponsoring Agency: Grace United Methodist Church

Purpose: Outreach to 200+ children with disabilities, family substance and domestic abuse issues experiences in St. Petersburg.

Acting for Self-Sufficiency


Sponsoring Agency: SOS Dialogue

Purpose: Entrepreneurial skills training in clothing with practical paid experience for teen and young women in Theis, Senegal.

Roma Women's Empowerment


Sponsoring Agency: Church World Service Serbia

Purpose: This educational and vocational training program for vulnerable Roma women in Serbia is designed to increase the rate of Roma women's literacy by offering educational opportunities (literacy skills and primary school education) and a series of vocational trainings tailored to the needs of Roma women to empower them to effectively seek employment. There are higher illiteracy rates among Roma women than men. There are few expectations for girls to be educated. Leaving school early, marriage in puberty and giving birth early in life all present unique risk factors for Roma Women.

Skills Training for Deprived Young Women at Konomusu and Kissey Women's Training Centers

Sierra Leone

Sponsoring Agency: Sierra Leone United Methodist Church

Purpose: Skills training in food preparation, basic computer use, sewing, gara tie-dye and batik craft at 3 Women’s Training Centers operated by the Sierra Leone UMC.

Transforming Lives by Alleviating Poverty

Sierra Leone

Sponsoring Agency: Sierra Leone United Methodist Women's Organization

Purpose: Addressing the needs of women to overcome poverty through seminars that inform on poverty, income generation, nutrition and agriculture.

United Methodist Women's Coordinator (PIM)

Sierra Leone

Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Church

Purpose: Salary support for the Sierra Leone United Methodist Women's coordinator to ensure her leadership within the conference.

Shalom House, Kimberly, SA

South Africa

Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church of Southern Africa

Purpose: Support to enhance the preschool of Shalom House to prepare children for school readiness.

Phakamisa Wandering Teacher

South Africa

Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church of Southern Africa

Purpose: Support for the locally trained teachers to provide preschool education to 180+ OVCs in their own communities with oversight and staff development done by Phakamisa.

Ons Plek

South Africa

Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church of Southern Africa

Purpose: A Shelter program for children and teen girls living on the streets of Cape Town that provides shelter, assistance with reintegration in the community and the opportunity for education in local schools.

Language Training for Women in Eastern Europe


Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Women, Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe

Purpose: Access to German and English language courses implemented by the UMC in Eastern European countries of the Central and Southern Europe Central Conference.

Leadership Development for Women


Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Women, Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe

Purpose: Leadership training programs geared to organizational development of United Methodist Women in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Women in Church and Society


Sponsoring Agency: World Council of Churches

Purpose: Building gender justice between men and women through regional gender trainings, development/maintenance of an online site for solidarity to develop around the globe for gender equality, widening the scope of the CSW annual themes as it applies to gender, and translating the WCC gender training manual into further languages.

Supporting Afro-Descendent Women in Colombia

United States

Sponsoring Agency: Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

Purpose: Advocacy and Advocacy Training for women and men in Colombia on human, land and women's rights.

Healing Psychological Wounds of Famine and War Among Somali Refugees in Dadaab Refugee Camp

Center for Victims of Torture

Sponsoring Agency:

Purpose: Program at Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya where 463,000 live that addresses mental health / trauma healing through assessment and training of community counselors to assist professional staff.

Gift for Growth / Training and Technology Support

United States

Sponsoring Agency: HAPI – Haitian Artisans for Peace International

Purpose: Provision of training that prepares the staff, artisans and local community for economic growth / community development / gender equality in Haiti.

Women's Peace Building in Areas of Armed Conflict

Sponsoring Agency: Urgent Action Fund

Purpose: Support for Urgent Action fund to support women activists working in conflict or crisis situations to promote and protect the rights of all women.

Where There Is No Doctor

United States

Sponsoring Agency: Hesperian Foundation

Purpose: Continued development of empowering health information for front line community health workers serving women, children and youth in the topics of reproductive health and chronic diseases (i.e. malaria) – used in Africa.

Women in Rural Development

United States

Sponsoring Agency: Agricultural Missions, Inc.

Purpose: Work towards greater gender equality in leadership of community organizations and groups through business training that starts with literacy and numeracy that moves into microenterprise where successful businesses give women stature in the community (Haiti).

South India Women and Children Safety and Empowerment Project

Sponsoring Agency: Pro-Literacy

Purpose: Using a development and education approach called Literacy for Social Change this project links basic education with development through literacy. Three partner organizations of ProLiteracy will work with 58 communities to build capacity for marginalized and vulnerable families.

"I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me."

Sponsoring Agency: World Day of Prayer International

Purpose: Empower women and young women's leadership. Using the current World Day of Prayer theme, national organizations will be trained to reinforce ecumenical relations and develop leadership for worship and collaborative strategies to live out the theme.

Capacity Building

Sponsoring Agency: MADRE

Purpose: Providing funding support for the home office to provide resources and training for Madre organizations to respond to the immediate needs of women and children.

Civil Society Monitoring Phase IV – Afghanistan & Sierra Leone

United States

Sponsoring Agency: International Civil Society Action Network (Global Network of Women Peacebuilders)

Purpose: Program support to enhance the capacity of grassroots women’s groups to effectively input into the drafting of National Action Plans on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 .

The Women's Empowerment & Food Sovereignty Program, Palestine

United States

Sponsoring Agency: Grassroots International

Purpose: Informally known as the Palestine beekeeping project, women from across the West Bank raise bees and cultivate honey, then gather it, use it, sell it and help support their families in the face of the Israeli Occupation.

Gift for Life Project, Rwanda

United States

Sponsoring Agency: Rwanda Gift for Life

Purpose: Provision of health and income generation support to women who were raped during the genocide and are now living with AIDS.

Ministry with Women and the Elderly


Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church in Uruguay

Purpose: Program support to the Uruguay Methodist Women to implement and train leadership in domestic violence and reproductive health.

Manufacture of Clothing and Accessories

Sponsoring Agency: Methodist Church in Uruguay

Purpose: Skills training and employment opportunity in the manufacture of clothing and accessories for youth with disabilities in Montevideo.

Murewa Day Care Center


Sponsoring Agency: United Methodist Church of Zimbabwe

Purpose: Preschool education and day care designed to prepare children for school readiness.


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