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Sound Foundations: Sound Missions | 2014 Call to Prayer and Self-Denial

This annual observance gives local and district units a chance to study and reflect on a particular theme each year and to designate funds for ministries related to the theme for the year.

This Year’s Theme  

In 2014, the offering received will go toward renovating, expanding and greening the buildings that house the critical work of National Mission Institutions and historically related international institutions. These institutions, founded by United Methodist Women and their forebearers more than 100 years ago, include community centers, domestic violence and homeless shelters, and children’s homes, schools, colleges and universities.
One hundred percent of the offering goes directly to mission.

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Planning an Observance

We encourage you to commemorate A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial on one day during the first few months of the year.

Be creative. The following ideas offer some possibilities: 

  • Plan a dedication service based on the order of worship reproduced from the Program Book.
  • Plan a quiet day or retreat for all members of your unit and anyone interested. Use the appropriate year’s Quiet Day Service in the United Methodist Women Program Book, available through the e-store.
  • Plan a prayer vigil for your church or unit using the Prayer Calendar along with the Quiet Day Service.
  • Explore with your pastor the possibility of having your United Methodist Women unit lead a Quiet Day Service for a Sunday-morning worship service.
  • Prepare a meal as part of a year’s observance.
  • Distribute the Prayer Card to members who are absent. Order additional cards to give to friends.

Giving Makes a Difference

By your sacrificial giving to A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial, you, United Methodist Women members and predecessor organizations over the years have:

  • Built and equipped schools, libraries and clinics
  • Trained rural and urban women for specialized ministries
  • Provided nutrition and medical assistance for thousands of women, children and youth
  • Offered relief to those uprooted by wars and other disasters
  • Advocated for public policy changes to benefit women and children
  • Produced long-term economic benefits through income-generation and other self-help projects

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