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 Food and Spirit

▲ Rice being dried in the sun in Berbah, Indonesia. Rice is the traditional staple of the Javanese diet. Photo by Paul Jeffrey.


"What Makes food Sacred?"

This report is for the Sacred Food Project of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. It reviews the teachings of the three Abrahamic traditions regarding the sacredness of food. It covers a wide spectrum of issues, organized by eight "dimensions" through which sacredness can be defined. 

This Holy Mystery

From the General Board of Discipleship, this online book is a comprehensive United Methodist statement on the theology and practice of Holy Communion. Addressing the deep hunger among United Methodists for more meaningful understanding of the Eucharist, this resource is an invitation to significant study, conversation and sharing around the sacrament. It is offered digitally in four languages: Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and English. 

Interview with Stephen Bartlett at Sparks in the Soil 

Frequent contributor to Response, Stephen Bartlett has been called a "gardener in the spirit" and "spiritual gardener" who has started a community garden in his own church in Louisville, Kentucky. The Sparks in the Soil blog interviewed him to discuss how the garden provides not just earthly bounty, but spiritual fulfillment as well. Read his other contributions to this site here and here


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