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Web Games for Youth

These websites will provide you with games to play while leaning about the realities of youth and hunger around the world.

Go Goat Go

Want to find out how useful a goat can to be to a family and a village?  Playing “Go Goat Go” will demonstrate just how important they are to providing food for everyone.


Learn the challenges for families as they struggle to survive in this simulation game.  Made by other youth in cooperation with UNICEF, see if you can keep your family healthy, happy, educated, and with enough money to survive.

Third World Farmer

When you play this game you will learn just how hard it is to survive as a farmer in the developing world.  Try to plant enough corps to have a harvest that will sustain your family as you try to send you children to school and avoid famine.

Free Rice

This is a website that test you skills in math, English, geography art, chemistry, and foreign languages.  For every question that you answer correctly 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end world hunger.  So fill tummies while you beef up your brain!

Free Poverty

Once you have filled people up with rice from FreeRice.com, why not give them something to drink at FreePoverty.com?  At this site you must prove that you know you stuff when it come to geography.  For every place you correctly locate on the map, up to 10 cups of water will be donated to people in need.  Go be a global thirst quencher!



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