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Women, Trade, and Food Security


“Teach a Woman to Fish...And Everyone Eats,” by Elizabeth Palmberg 

This article tells the success story of Kugeria Women's Group in Kenya and how they were able to grow crops for their communities by digging a pipeline to fresh water. Reprinted with permission by Sojourners at www.sojo.net (June 1, 2005), via Women Thrive Worldwide.

“A Row to Hoe,” by Alexandra Spieldoch (PDF)

The gender impact of trade liberalization on our food system, agricultural markets and women's human rights. This paper is part of a joint collaboration between the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and the International Gender and Trade Network titled "Transforming Women's Livelihoods in Relation to Food, Agriculture and Trade." This global project facilitates research and dialogue from a feminist gender perspective of food sovereignty, sustainable development and human rights. Alexandra Spieldoch is Director of the Trade and Global Governance program at IATP. 

The Women’s Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) created a project to empower women farmers as landowners, providing resources and skills including signing land leases and other pertinent information. WFAN's project also serves as a community for Iowan women farmers who otherwise wouldn't have one.


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