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The Food & Faith website is a supplement to the Spiritual Growth mission study, Food & Faith by Wendy Whiteside. Please use this as an additional resource to the mission study exploring the spiritual dimension of eating food.

Use the tabs on the right to navigate around the web pages. Read articles by contributing authors in the "Food & Spirit" and "Food & Justice" sections, learn about the geography of hunger in the "Food Maps" section, take action and gather Food & Faith resources.


Elmira Sellu Discusses Food and Faith in Sudan
Ugandan regional missionary Elmira Sellu explains the food situation in Southern Sudan.
Dining with Jesus
What is it to dine with Jesus?
What would Jesus like to eat?
Where would Jesus like to eat?
Women, Trade, and Food Security
Food affects women differently in many dimensions: agriculturally, economically and culturally. These resources document how women are affected by land, trade and policy issues related to food.
Security in Sustainability: Food that Does Not Satisfy
Mission Intern Lindsey Kerr writes of her experience with food justice and agribusiness in the Philippines.
Paying Attention to My Food
Dan Licardo, on staff with Global Ministries, writes about being mindful with food.
Web Games for Youth
These websites will provide you with games to play while leaning about the realities of youth and hunger around the world.

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