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Food Maps

Hunger Map

World Food Programme Hunger Map

Learn about the geography of hunger with the UN World Food Programme's downloadable Hunger Map. It's a JPG file that you can print out in A3 format. It provides invaluable information that helps school teachers and children learn more about the biggest single risk to global health. The map is available in four languages:

World Food Programme Interactive Hunger Map

The World Food Programme at the United Nations has put together an amazing interactive global hunger map. Get detailed information on hunger on a country-by-country basis with this map, and also read headlining hunger facts changing periodically at the top.

Reuters AlertNet Map Catalogue

The Reuters AlertNet service has a map catalogue for reporters, humanitarians, and those interested as it reports on hunger and famine in the news. Maps change periodically based on date, remaining for a month or so. You can search by topic, country, or type of humanitarian emergency. Here are the maps found under the "Food and hunger" topic.

USDA Food Pyramid

The United States Department of Agriculture has put together a new interactive Food Pyramid. Click on the parts of the pyramid to learn more about food intake and balancing different kinds of foods in your diet. On the website, www.mypyramid.gov, there is all kinds of nutritional information, including a menu planner and child cost calculator (how much it costs annually to raise a child).



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