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The Tillman Chapel

The Tillman Chapel, located on the ground floor of CCUN, is an ecumenical chapel offered as a sacred space, opening its doors to the U.N. community and the many and diverse faith traditions of its people. The chapel is intended to be a place where religious voices can come together and declare their deepest desire for peace and justice to reign and to call themselves and others to more dedicated action for the sake of the world.

In recent years the chapel has become a vibrant center for worship and the arts, linking ritual and celebration to critical issues on the U.N. agenda. For two weeks each February the chapel hosts women from around the world in diverse daily worship during the Commission on the Status of Women. In May, the chapel hosts indigenous peoples from around the world in worship as they gather for the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples. The chapel has housed global hearings on women and poverty, theater and dance, an exploration of the Doctrine of Discovery that continues to marginalize indigenous peoples, acts of repentance for environmental devastation, and calls for nuclear disarmament.

The chapel’s outer wall directly facing the U.N. bears a stained glass and concrete sculpture of the “all seeing eye” of God, symbolizing that in the midst of humanity’s struggle with destruction and violence, God is ever present. It is in turning to God that humanity is able to escape despair and bring about peace.

Reserving the Chapel

The chapel is also available for weddings, funerals, memorials, baptisms and naming ceremonies and is open to all faith traditions.

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