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FOR YOUTH from the 2012 Reading Program
by Patricia McCormick

Though desperately poor, 13-yearold Lakshmi’s life in a small village in Nepal is full of simple pleasures. But then a monsoon washes away the family’s crops, and Lakshmi’s stepfather says she must take a job to support her family. Thinking she has a job as a maid in the city, she is glad to help. But then she learns the unthinkable truth: she has been sold into prostitution.
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The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America TodayThe Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today

From the 2012 Reading Program
by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter

Slaves are all around us, hidden in plain sight—the dishwasher in the restaurant, the kids on the corner selling cheap trinkets, the man sweeping the floor of the department store—and we meet some unexpected slaveholders. This book calls us to action to bring an end to this horrific crime.
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  • Ending Human Trafficking, One Life at a Time by Isabella Simonyan on UMCOR.org
    01/28/2011 Alisa* fell prey to a human trafficker in her hometown in Armenia. She was just 20 years old and the single mother of a nine-month-old baby. The trafficker forced Alisa into prostitution by threatening to kidnap her young child if she did not do as he said. He kept her enslaved and took all the money she made.
  • Ubuntu Explorer Journeys: Brazil 2011
    01/24/2011 Join the Methodist Women in Brazil to create a life free of violence for women, children and youth. The Ubuntu Journey will visit the cities of São Paulo (São Paulo, in the southeast of Brazil) and Fortaleza (Ceará, in the northeast of Brazil) during the days of September 18–30, 2011.
  • Susannah Wesley Community Center Plays Key Role in Human Trafficking Case by Catherine Heggarty, with Sonya Chung-Hirano and Dominic Inocelda
    01/07/2011 The biggest human trafficking case in U.S. history is currently in federal court in Honolulu, Hawaii. A United Methodist Women–affiliated mission, the Susannah Wesley Community Center played a major role in helping the victims.
  • Using Your Consumer Power to Eradicate Human Trafficking
    01/07/2011 The Supply Chain Transparency Act (SB 657) was signed into law September 30, 2010, in California, requiring large retailers and manufacturers in California to report publicly their steps (or lack thereof) to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chain.
  • Intercept Human Trafficking
    12/07/2010 Super Bowl XLV will be held Sunday February 6, 2011, in Dallas, Texas. While the country celebrates this unofficial holiday, United Methodist Women and Mosaic Family Services in North Texas will be working to combat human trafficking.
  • Talking About "Inheriting the Trade"
    10/19/2010 Author Thomas Norman DeWolf of "Inheriting the Trade" will join us at UMWOnline.net on Oct. 28 in dialogue around the issues of race, diversity and healing from the damage caused by the historic oppressions and injustice that continue to impact all of us today.
  • Stop Human Trafficking
    08/30/2010 One year ago this month, United Methodist Women embarked on a mission of learning, sharing, and policy action on the issue of human trafficking.
  • From Iowa to Washington, D.C. by Judy Kading
    08/30/2010 Judy Kading shares how she puts “love in action” as Iowa United Methodist Women’s social action mission coordinator.
  • Voices of Human Trafficking Team Members
    08/30/2010 United Methodist Women members who participated in the Human Trafficking training session in Atlanta, Ga. in 2009 reflect on what they've accomplished and how they've changed a year later.

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