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Judges 19: A Bible Study on Human Trafficking
When Trafficking Hits Home
Intercept Human Trefficking: Let's Reverse the Momentum.
Human Trafficking Awareness Day: How Many Modern Day Slaves are Supporting You?
This girl in hiding may be halfway across the world from her home, with papers confiscated and terrified to seek help.

.Judges 19: A Bible Study on Human Trafficking

Slavery and sexual violence have been a reality for too many and for too long. It is time to "Consider it, take counsel, and speak out."
Kelsey Emily Collins testified in a sex trafficking investigation but disappeared before the case could go to trial.

.When Trafficking Hits Home

After testifying against traffickers, a local United Methodist Women member’s granddaughter left home to meet a friend and never returned.
Intercept the Traffickers.

. Intercept the Traffickers: Super Bowl XLVIII

Help intercept the traffickers at this year's Super Bowl, on February 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, NJ.
The chains of human bondage can be financial, emotional or even physical.

. Human Trafficking Awareness Day:
How Many Modern Day Slaves are Supporting You?

Human trafficking is the world's second largest criminal industry. If we all focus on ourselves as "traffickers" we can act to end modern-day slavery.

Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking: A Resource for PreventingHuman Trafficking:
A Resource for Preventing, Protecting, Prosecuting

PDF: Portable Document FileDownload this PDF resource and join United Methodist Women in the global movement to end the complex web of labor bondage and sexual exploitation.




ConfusionHuman Trafficking Fact Sheet

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, and is the second largest criminal industry in the world after drug trade. Traffickers force vulnerable persons into contract slavery, forced labor and sexual trafficking.


If you see us only as victimsVoices of Human Trafficking

Read the words of trafficked women and try to imagine what that journey must be like.
Download PDF (2pp, 68K).


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