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Immigration and Civil Rights

United Methodist Women's immigration initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to racial justice, and civil and human rights. United Methodist Women seeks to welcome immigrants and advocate for just immigration policies.

Because We Believe:
United Methodist Women Take Action for Immigrant and Civil Rights, 2006-2012

PDF: Portable Document FileLow Resolution (PDF, 41pp, 5.9M)
PDF: Portable Document FileHigh Resolutionwith better image quality (PDF, 41pp, 7.5M)

Or download smaller parts of Because We Believe:

PDF: Portable Document FileCover and Introduction (PDF, 2pp, 1M) 
PDF: Portable Document FileConferences: Alabama-West Florida - Kansas East (PDF, 12pp, 2.2M)
PDF: Portable Document FileConferences: Kansas West - Rocky Mountain (PDF, 15pp, 3.3M)
PDF: Portable Document FileConferences: South Carolina - Yellowstone (PDF, 10pp, 2.4M)


Connect on UMWOnline to the Immigration group for resources and discussion on Immigration.

Take Action

Locate immigrant detention centers in your area at detentionwatchnetwork.org

Read more about what you can do.

Mobilize Your Unit

If immigration is a new issue for you, here's how to help raise awareness in your church.

Women's Division & United Methodist Church Statements: Read 2008 General Conference resolutions on immigration.

Create a Conference United Methodist Women Immigration Team
Desert Southwest United Methodist Women created a team to work on immigrant rights; follow their example or use your own ideas to create leadership at the district and conference level.

Tools & Resources

PDF: Portable Document FileTools for Leaders: Hope and Hospitality
United Methodist Women has advocated for immigrant rights for more than 140 years. This manual helps equip our response with Bible studies, progams, worship resources, policy statements, issues discussions and social action steps. (PDF, 304pp,12M)

Global Migration Reflections and Resources

 “Know Your Rights” – A brochure for immigrants 

Biblical and Theological Resources on Immigration 

Download and share our How To's on immigration

See more resources for immigration action

Immigration Films

For more information about the Immigrant and Civil Rights Initiative of United Methodist Women, contact:

United Methodist Women
Immigrant/Civil Rights Initiative
777 United Nations Plaza,
11th Floor
New York, NY 10017




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