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Global Justice

This woman sells potatoes

Food Justice

Hunger and poverty have a cyclical relationship that does not stop at hungry and undernourished people; the injustice of food prices and availability contributes to social unrest around the world.

*United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

*United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325

Scriptural Mandate

"Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." (Psalms 34:14)

United Methodist Book of Discipline

God's world is one world... We commit ourselves as a Church to the achievement of a world community that is a fellowship of persons who honestly love one another. We pledge ourselves to seek the meaning of the gospel in all issues that divide people and threaten the growth of world community. (Social Principles, ¶ 166)


Because United Methodist Women believes we are all a part of the beloved community, we keep a close watch on international governments and organizations through partnerships with the United Nations to ensure they support policies with the interests of women, children and youth in mind.

As Christians, we advocate for peace at home and abroad. Peacemaking is not just about ending conflict but about changing the way we respond to differences at all levels—from individuals and communities to nations.

We envision a world where might does not make right, where differences are not settled with violence, and where resources go to meet the human needs of all rather than for destruction.


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