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Oct. 24: Day of Climate Action

Environmentalist and United Methodist Bill McKibben calls on United Methodist Women to act for climate change with his organization, 350.org. Go to www.350.org to learn more.
As part of our involvement in the Countdown to Copenhagen campaign with Church World Service, join United Methodist Women on October 24 as we express our support for fair, effective and binding caps on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. 
Thousands of people around the world in more than 100 countries have planned events to demonstrate that they care about the future of God’s creation and the hardships that climate change is bringing to vulnerable countries and people living in poverty. Let’s show our solidarity with women and girls around the world who are organizing to address this major moral issue of our day.
Read a bible study on climate change here. Read a litany on creation here. Use these materials for a church service, United Methodist Women meeting or action around climate change. Let your community know that women of faith care about the earth and are responsible stewards of creation! Read more on activities United Methodist Women can do for climate change here.


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