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Green Team's Climate Change Initiative: Countdown to Copenhagen 2009

Climate Inaction a Danger, United Methodists Say
United Methodist News Service reporter Linda Bloom follows United Methodists, including the United Methodist Women delegation, in Copenhagen during the climate summit.
Day #7: Copenhagen Delegation De-brief – Sunday, December 13
We began our day in Town Hall Square, a historic portion of town with lovely old buildings, clock towers and cobblestones. It felt like we were in the crowd for a rock concert.
Day #6: Copenhagen Delegation De-brief – Saturday, December 12
Pat gave this speech on Sunday in several interviews he would do, one of which will be with Odessey network.
Day #4: Copenhagen Delegation De-brief – Thursday, December 10
United Methodist Women’s involvement in climate change includes not only concern for the planet, God’s creation, but also concern for God’s people.
Day #3: Copenhagen Delegation De-brief – Wednesday, December 9
Overall, the team felt that today for everyone was a day of the heart, where we experienced God being present in different ways in different settings.
Day #2:  Copenhagen Delegation De-brief – Tuesday, December 8
Accomplishments, Lessons, Highlights. Political context for the day: Opening plenary - Southern governments felt they weren't heard in terms of not wanting consensus process – they were worrying that an agreement gets watered down as a result of this process. Also mention of draft texts by Danish government, and concern that G-77 and China were formulating a weak text/proposal to put forward.
Reflections from Copenhagen
The United Methodist Women delegation has arrived in Copenhagen. Read daily reflections of their experiences during the the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 7-18, 2009.
United Methodist Women Attending Climate Change Summit
Faith and belief in social justice drives delegation’s advocacy at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 7-18, 2009.
Copenhagen, Climate Change and Why it Matters to Women
Two articles, one from the Albany Times-Union and the other from Beliefnet.com, speak to United Methodist Women’s call to action on climate change.
United Methodist Women Members Deliver Climate Change Message to Washington
Oct. 24: Day of Climate Action
Environmentalist and United Methodist Bill McKibben calls on United Methodist Women to act for climate change with his organization, 350.org.
Just Cap It: An International Day of Climate Action
Join United Methodist Women on October 24 in expressing support for fair, effective and binding caps on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
The American Clean Energy and Security Act Passes in House Committee
We must tell Congress to keep provisions of current bill to create green jobs, save energy costs, and cut global warming.
Status of Climate Change Legislation in the House
Representatives Waxman and Markey formally introduced H.R. 2454, The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, on May 15, 2009.
Take Action on Climate Change on Mother’s Day!
This Mother’s Day, we urge you to take action for climate change, as a way of advocating for the needs of women and girls around the world.
UMW Green Team Initiative: Countdown to Copenhagen
The effort strives to build awareness among people of faith on climate change which is damaging God’s creation and imposing unjust burdens on the poor around the world.
Mother's Day Sunday Bulletin Insert for Climate Change
United Methodist Women invite you to honor all mothers in the world by contacting your Congressional leaders urging them to support strong climate change legislation.
About the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill
Here are suggested talking points to use when you contact your members of Congress about the Waxman-Markey climate change legislation.
Enough: Women and Climate Change
A study series on climate change on how women are especially affected by it.
Earth Day 2009- Celebrate God’s Creation and Address Climate Change
How is your local unit and congregation celebrating Earth Day on April 22?

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