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Public Education

Scriptural Mandate

"I have come in order that you may have life—life in all its fullness." (John 10:10b)

United Methodist Book of Discipline

We believe that every person has the right to education. We also believe that the responsibility for education of the young rests with the family, faith communities, and the government. In society, this function can best be fulfilled through public policies that ensure access for all persons to free public elementary and secondary schools to post-secondary schools of their choice.

We affirm the right of public and independent colleges and universities to exist, and we endorse public policies that do not create unconstitutional entanglements between church and state. (Social Principles, ¶ 164 E)


In 2002, United Methodist Women launched "Campaign for Children, Phase III: Public Education" to support, help improve and advocate for U.S. public schools. Read more about the Campaign for Children.

We encourage each United Methodist Women unit to visit its local schools and explore ways to effectively promote quality, safe and accessible public education for every child. United Methodist Women members volunteer in local schools, donating supplies to public school students and advocating state and federal legislators on behalf of public education.


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