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  • The Power of Words: Curses, Blessings and Interfaith Dialogue by Global Justice Office
    09/30/2010 Engaging in interfaith dialogue is a way to follow Paul’s guidance and to bless those who are different from us, those who threaten us and even those who we feel persecute us (and be blessed by them in return).
  • Update: The Beauty and Courage of Sudan by Linda Beher
    05/11/2010 In the months since publication of the geographic study, The Beauty and Courage of Sudan, flickers of hope have enlivened Sudan’s dream of peace.
  • Protect Teens from Dating Violence
    05/05/2010 In March, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 1081, to affirm its support for awareness and prevention of teen dating violence.
  • A Speech on the Subway by Leigh Rogers
    10/22/2009 A reflection on an experience on the New York subway and the United Nation’s new agency for women, celebrating United Nations Day, Oct. 24.

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