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Violence in Gaza: What United Methodist Women Supports in Israel-Palestine

November 29 Is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Our hearts are breaking over the renewed violence in Gaza and Israel. Media has been quick to blame one side or the other, but, we know that the situation in the region is extremely difficult, riddled with political, economic and social complexities. Blame doesn’t help, nor does justifications for the escalation of violence.

The conflict affects many civilians—especially women and children, and the consequences of infrastructure destruction are critical in Gaza. We grieve over this and call on United Methodist women to keep the conflict in your prayers and thoughts.

Use these links as helpful information for discussion, as you watch the news, and for your participation in prayers:

Palestinian projects supported by United Methodist Women’s Mission Giving

Grassroots International
U.S. based organization working with Palestinian women in Israel-Palestine to provide leadership training, economic development for income generation of the women for their families, conducted through women’s clubs organized to train, educate and empower. http://www.grassrootsonline.org/where-we-work/middle-east

Aid to the Aged
A community supportive service for elderly Palestinian women in Jerusalem organized into 10 elderly neighborhood groups for the provision of hot meals as well as physical and mental health care.

Wi’am Conflict Resolution Center
Crisis intervention to provide children and youth with psychological help during and following a crisis along with education in non-violent acts towards reconciliation and peace. 

Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) Community Development for Women
A region-wide effort by MECC to empower Christian women in self-reliance through skills training and educational awareness of available resources and opportunities. Palestinian Christian women are a part of this effort.

MECC Community Development for Children/Youth
A region wide effort to empower children and youth towards self-reliance through skills training and educational awareness of the strength of community-based activities and development. Palestinian Christian children and youth are a part of this effort.

MECC Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees
Provision of health services, educational opportunities for preschool children and community development targeting women in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan. 

Near East School of Theology (NEST)
Periodic scholarship support for women attending seminary at the Near East School of Theology, the only Middle East seminary that accepts women.

Sindyanna of Galilee
A women’s organization that produces fair trade olive oil, olive soap and baskets which are all marketed internationally and exemplify fair trade values and accomplishments. 

YWCA of Jerusalem
United Methodist Women funds a pre-school program for Palestinian Refugee children living in Jerusalem. 

Last Updated: 04/07/2014

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