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Electing Candidates Committed to Positively Transforming the Lives of Women, Girls and Families

Election 2012

We come to you this month with a different format for our Action Alert in preparation for this year’s elections. We have provided a “2012 Candidate Checklist: A Questionnaire for Candidates Seeking Election” for you to use while following this year’s election. We hope you will use the Checklist as a tool to assess whether a candidate’s positions reflect your values.


The Checklist can be used by taking the following suggested Actions: (Please keep in mind that all candidate should be asked to explain his/her support or opposition to an issue.)

  • Organize a candidate forum and directly pose questions to candidates
  • Monitor community or nationally televised debates and note candidates’ responses; refer to chart below.
  • Attend a town hall meeting and ask questions from the Checklist
  • Distribute copies of the Checklist to your district and local counterparts for use as bulletin and table handouts or for use in Legislative Event packets
  • Assess the election outcome. Convene a discussion group to determine how the “winner’s” views compared with issues you or your Conference support
  • Convene a community dialogue around one of the categories on the Checklist. Reach a consensus on your point of view; schedule a meeting with your elected official to discuss the outcome of your dialogue

You can help get voters registered: webinars will be held on Wednesday, 8/29 and Thursday, 8/30 at gotowebinar.com.

  • Voter Registration Planning and Recruitment: Wednesday, August 29 at 1:00 PM EDT
    Discuss selecting the right voter registration sites, planning a staging location, recruiting constituents to be registered, communicating with the press, and recruiting volunteers.
  • Voter Registration Message and Online Tools: Thursday, August 30 at 1:00 PM EDT
    Covers effective messaging for getting people to register, and online tools to help with registration.

Pre-Election Schedule for Debates & Conventions





Republican National Convention

August 27-30, 2012

Tampa, FL


Democratic National Convention

September 3-6, 2012

Charlotte, NC


First Presidential Debate

October 3, 2012

University of Denver
Denver, Colorado

Jim Lehrer

Vice-Presidential Debate

October 11, 2012

Centre College
Danville, Kentucky

Martha Raddatz

Second Presidential Debate

October 16, 2012

Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York

Candy Crowley

Third Presidential Debate

October 22, 2012

Lynn University
Boca Raton, FL

Bob Schieffer

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