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This Mother’s Day, Say No to Dirty Gold

Jewelry is a popular gift for Mothers Day. If you are considering a gift of gold this Sunday, May 8, be sure to purchase it from a retailer who has signed Earthwork’s No Dirty Gold campaign’s pledge to not sell dirty gold. 

What is dirty gold?

Gold mining has negative environmental, social and human rights issues. Mining creates harmful pollution to air, land and water resources. Indigenous populations and women are disproportionately affected by the mining industry. Mineworkers work in unsafe conditions.

How you can help

  • Read about Earthwork’s “Golden Rules”, a document making the case for responsible mining, created in partnership with OXFAM.
  • Purchase your gold pieces from retailers who have agreed to follow the “Golden Rules.” Be aware that retailers who have made this promise self-report their data.
  • Purchase antique jewelry.
  • Sell your jewelry or have it melted down and refabricated. 
  • Encourage retailers to sign the pledge. 

Other ways to purchase socially just gifts this Mother’s Day

Last Updated: 04/15/2014

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