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Gun Violence

How Can You Take Action to Reduce Gun Violence?

By Julie Taylor

While United Methodist Women have signed a letter for Congressional members to encourage them to pass legislation to help reduce gun violence, and President Obama is using executive orders to do what he can without Congress. Now it’s Congress’s turn. Here are things that you can do to encourage Congress to take action now:

SIGN the petition from www.demandaplan.org.

SHARE the petition with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

CALL members of Congress - tell them we need criminal background checks on all gun sales to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

RECRUIT your mayor to be part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns who support common-sense gun laws (if they are already a member, thank them!)

SPREAD THE WORD on social media - advocate for change on Twitter and Facebook (Follow @DemandAPlan on Twitter for the latest news on the fight to stop gun violence in this country, tweet about the issue and consider using the hashtag #DemandAPlan and Like the Facebook page, DemandAPlan.

JOIN faith leaders by following the Faiths Against Gun Violence, which seeks to unite people of all faiths across the country in activities and efforts.

WRITE letters to the editor DEMANDING A PLAN from elected officials by submitting a letter to your local newspaper and telling your elected officials that Americans support common sense gun laws (in fact, 82 percent of gun owners—including 74 percent of National Rifle Association members—support criminal background checks for all gun sales).

For more information about United Methodist Women’s involvement with Faiths United Against Gun Violence, contact jtaylor@unitedmethodistwomen.org or call 212-682-3633, ext. 3106 for the Office of Child and Family Advocacy.

Last Updated: 04/07/2014

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