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Jurisdiction and National United Methodist Women Organization

Jurisdiction Organization

The organization of United Methodist Women within the bounds of a jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church implements the election process for the United Methodist Women's national board of directors and is responsible for special programs.

National Organization

The United Methodist Women National Office provides support and structure for the mission of United Methodist Women at all levels of the organization. At the national level, the organization of United Methodist Women is led by a board of directors with advisory input from the program advisory group. The work is guided by the PURPOSE and implemented by the staff. The board of directors sets the policy, secures funds from the members and determines the budget that provides opportunities for women to connect within the United States and around the world.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of 25 directors, 20 of whom are elected by their jurisdiction, and five are nominated and elected by the national organization. From these directors a team of leaders are nominated and elected. The work of the national United Methodist Women Board of Directors can be broken down into the areas listed below.

Policy: Committee on Governance
The board of directors determines the official policies of the organization and how it will operate and conduct its work. It also handles nominations between organizational meetings and board self-evaluation.

Strategic Plan: Committee on Planning and Assessment
The board is responsible for directing the staff on development of a strategic plan for the organization and setting measurements to assess the organization's work. This committee is responsible for working with the staff to bring recommendations to the full board for consideration. See "Living the Vision" on page 6.

Budget: Committee on Finance
The national organization secures funds through the channels of giving to provide critical program funding to ministries with women, children and youth. The board of directors approves the budget based on United Methodist Women's mission priorities.

Care of Retirees
United Methodist Women national office has a commitment to care for retired deaconesses, missionaries and home missionaries. The Brooks Howell home in Ashville, N.C., is part of the obligation of this care.

The board of directors authorizes use of funds for upkeep of United Methodist Women properties.

Program Advisory Group

The United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group (PAG) brings program recommendations to the board of directors. The 70 to 80 members of the PAG are from a variety of positions within United Methodist Women and the church. They meet at least once a year to study issues and prepare recommendations to the national board regarding mission priorities, mission education work and program guidance for United Methodist Women.

The program advisory group includes:

  • United Methodist Women's 25-member board of directors.    
  • The five United Methodist Women jurisdiction presidents.
  • A representative from each conference not already represented on the 25-member board.
  • Representatives from United Methodist agencies, the deaconess and home missioner community, and, with voice but no vote, United Methodist Women regional missionaries and representatives of World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.

Opportunities to Connect
The national office offers opportunities for members to connect globally through the United Methodist Women's Assembly, seminars and other events to learn about mission, deepen their faith, connect with one another and be inspired to action. Other ways members connect nationally and worldwide can be found on page 20.

Educational Opportunities
The national organization provides educational opportunities for members by sponsoring and conducting training events and providing scholarships. Programs such as Mission u, the Reading Program and National Seminar are examples of such programs. Educational opportunities center around the current emphases on domestic violence, human trafficking, environment and immigration.

Leadership for Mission
Since its founding, United Methodist Women has prepared leaders to be in mission. Programs like Mission u (Schools of Christian Mission), justice education and leadership development help equip the church's leaders to be involved in mission in their daily lives.


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