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District United Methodist Women Organization

The district United Methodist Women organization works with the local organizations in their district to live out the PURPOSE. It provides support through training and other educational events and encourages Mission Giving, spiritual growth, membership outreach, mission education and social action and promotes the plans and work of the conference and United Methodist Women’s national office. Ministries and opportunities for learning and advocacy for this quadrennium include domestic violence, human trafficking, climate change and immigration.

The district organization supports women as they participate in the work of the Church and as they assume positions of responsibility and leadership. Each district is unique, with its own opportunities and challenges.


All United Methodist Women members within the district are members of the district organization. They may be asked to serve on various boards, councils, commissions and committees of the district and/or annual conference as needed.

Districts may provide additional membership options: District groups may be formed when women from different churches meet in locations other than a local church, such as a college campus, retirement community or workplace.

Leadership Team

United Methodist Women members from within the district are elected to leadership roles to serve at the district level. Each leadership team should include a president, treasurer, secretary and chair of the committee on nominations. Additional persons may be named at large or for specific functions as they help the district organization fulfill the PURPOSE. Additional teams or committees may be formed as needed to fulfill the PURPOSE and to meet the needs of the district.

Members of the leadership team have specific responsibilities as well as some that are common to all. These common responsibilities include:

  • Understanding and upholding the PURPOSE and the constitution and bylaws of United Methodist Women.
  • Developing personal spiritual practices.
  • Preparing through reading, studying and participating in district and conference meetings, leadership training and educational opportunities such as Mission u.
  • Using and promoting response magazine.
  • Understanding, interpreting and engaging the membership in the current United Methodist Women emphases on domestic violence, human trafficking, immigration and climate change.
  • Strengthening relationships with other district leaders for effective teamwork and collaboration. Example: District lay leader, United Methodist Women president and district superintendent.
  • Offering training for local leaders.
  • Regularly engaging in planning, goal setting and evaluation with the leadership team.
  • Promoting Mission Giving.
  • Ensuring membership lists are used appropriately and safeguarding them from distribution outside of the organization.
  • Promoting United Methodist Women’s mission among all women in the church.
  • Working to ensure the participation of a diverse, inclusive group of women in all parts of United Methodist Women, including strategies to start or reinstate local organizations so that all women members have a local or district groups that will help them to respond to God’s invitation to participate in mission.

Work/Mission Opportunities

The district organization helps local organizations by providing program assistance, leadership development, mission interpretation, resources and encouragement. District leaders plan and coordinate regular visits to congregations and local groups to offer support, discuss local needs and share information and provide an open channel for communication.

Annual Meeting

District leaders develop an annual meeting to conduct the business of the district organization. The meeting may also include worship and other program. (See section on tips in Section 4 for further information about annual meetings and program planning.)


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