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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, UMCOR West depot serves as a material resources warehouse to store UMCOR supply kits. UMCOR West helps reduce shipping costs and enhances efficiency when responding to emergencies in the western part of the US. The depot provides opportunities for kit ministry at churches in the Western Jurisdiction.

The facility serves as a field office and training center for disaster response, and also establishes an additional point of communication for UMCOR particularly if a disaster strikes on the east coast.

Adjacent to the 22,000 square foot warehouse is Crossroads, an ecumenical organization that provides grass roots support to the needs of the poor in the community. Crossroads and UMCOR Sager Brown are part of the network of national mission institutions.

To Send Relief Supply Kits or Bulk Materials

Please Contact
Reverend Brian Diggs, Director
1479 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-1605

Phone: 801-973-7250
Fax: 801-973-7916


You can send kits to UMCOR West or UMCOR Sager Brown.

UMCOR coordinates supply shipments are needed from both locations—UMCOR
West in Utah, or UMCOR Sager Brown in Louisiana.