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UMCOR Relief Supply Depots: Places of Mission for United Methodists

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About UMCOR Sager Brown


UMCOR Sager Brown reaches out to the community of Baldwin and the world through its campus off of highway 90 in southern Louisiana.

The UMCOR Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, La., is the headquarters for UMCORs relief supply operations. Approximately $4 million in supplies are shipped each year from the Baldwin, La. campus. More than 2,000 volunteers that come through Sager Brown each year make these shipments happen.

Locally, UMCOR Sager Brown reaches out to the Baldwin community through a housing rehabilitation and food distribution, engaging volunteers in projects that help families and the elderly.

About UMCOR West Office and Depot

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the material resources depot serves as a warehouse to store UMCOR supply kits.UMCOR West helps reduce shipping costs and efficiency when responding to emergencies in the western part ofthe US . The facility provides opportunities for kit ministry at churches in the Western Jurisdiction.

In addition to providing an avenue for material distribution and serving as a field office and training center for disaster response, the location establishes an additional point of communication for UMCOR particularly if a disaster strikes on the east coast.

Adjacent to the 22,000 square foot warehouse is Crossroads, an ecumenical organization that provides grassroots support to the needs of the poor in the community. Crossroads and UMCOR Sager Brown are part of the network of national mission institutions.

To volunteer or donate supply kits, please contact
UMCOR West Office and Depot
Reverend Brian Diggs, Director
1479 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-1605
Phone: 801-973-7250
Fax: 801-973-7916


Rev. Brian DiggsNew Executive Joins UMCOR in Western Jurisdiction Office
Rev. Brian Diggs is joining the organization, directing the ministry of the newly opened Western Jurisdiction Office in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Even as members of Seabrook UMCCleaning Buckets a Tangible Expression of Care
—"Cleaning buckets" bring hope to survivors in all types of disaster situations, including fires, earthquakes and floods.


UMCOR Sager BrownUMCOR Sager Brown Ships over $4.7 million of Relief Supplies in 2008
UMCOR Sager Brown, the material resource ministry of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, has shipped over $4.7 million in relief supplies internationally and in the continental United States in 2008.


Loading Health KitsUMCOR Sager Brown Ships Relief Supplies to Neighbors Nearby and Across the World
Volunteers and staff work to assemble and ship relief supplies to locations along the US Gulf Coast and to the country of Georgia.


Judi and Dianna Dudleson
UMCOR Sager Brown Reopens After Hurricane Gustav
"When we returned [to UMCOR Sager Brown], it was very emotional to see that everything was okay," said long-term volunteer Judi Siler.

Hurricane Gustav
UMCOR Sager Brown Weathers Hurricane Gustav
UMCOR Sager Brown and the homes of the residents in Baldwin, LA have escaped major damage, according to Glenn Druilhet, Depot Manager for Sager Brown. Trees down in Baldwin and power is out. All of the Sager Brown staff evacuated before the storm but will return soon. It will be at least the weekend before the depot is operational again. Visit for further updates.

Worker at UMCOR Sager Brown DepotUMCOR Sager Brown in Urgent Need of Flood Buckets
UMCOR Sager Brown Depot has nearly depleted its supply of flood buckets after shipping thousands of buckets in response to recent floods.

Melinda DayFlood Buckets Supply Cleaning Items and Encouragement
When Dee Montgomery went into her Watseka, Illinois home after flooding in January and February, 2008, she didn’t know where to begin.

Sager Brown Armenia School KitsHelp Sager Brown Deliver Kits of Hope
In Georgia, happy faces, smiles and hundreds of cheerful voices filled a room when children saw the arrival of school kits.

UMCOR Sager Brown Needs More Flood Buckets
UMCOR Sager Brown Changes Kit Contents
Changes to two United Methodist Committee on Relief kits have been made.