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Immigration and Refugees

Immigration and Refugees


God gives the desolate a home to live in.-Psalm 68:6


Uprooted People
The plight of 11 million refugees, 22 million internally displaced people, and as many as 60 million migrants across the globe poses an immense human challenge to host nations and their churches. How have United Methodists and UMCOR responded since 1940. Read more...

Hope for Newcomers
In the refugee resettlement program, UMCOR, working through the Immigration and Refugee Program of Church World Service, enables United Methodist congregations to offer hospitality to refugees entering the United States. Read more…

Justice for Our Neighbors
Immigrants and asylum seekers already in the US may not be aware of their rights. They may need documents to assure their continuing residency or assistance with the maze of rules and policies governing their new life. In another take on hospitality UMCOR provides free legal clinics staffed with licensed attorneys. Read more…

Advocating for the Sojourner
United Methodists can back humane policies for immigrants and refugees. UMCOR encourages congregations to appeal to elected leaders on behalf of uprooted people, and provides the know-how for effective action.