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Hunger and Poverty


UMCOR provides long-term solutions to bring hope to hungry people and empower them to self-sufficiency. Ministries of food, clothing, and medical supplies supplement programs in such areas of work as sustainable agriculture and clean water that help poor countries move forward with development.

These are cooperative ministries-no agency can "go it alone." So UMCOR not only takes seriously the hunger resolutions of our own United Methodist General Conference but also joins ecumenical partners to multiply United Methodist impact. Working together on global hunger and poverty we promote connections and act in the political sphere. UMCOR programs nourish impoverished people and the working poor-especially women and children-so they can improve their lives.

Global Hunger and Poverty
Hunger is about more than food. UMCOR responds globally to distribute food and other necessary supplies. But United Methodist seeds and tools, training, health ministries, and assistance in starting up small businesses also lead to sustained development.
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Sustainable Agriculture and Development
New farming techniques are transforming communities with poor nutritional standards to thriving centers of crop production, market goods, and family income.  The calculus of sustainable agriculture is multiplication.  Crops and better nutrition aren't the only benefits. Read more…

Food Security
You're a farmer. Is there a role for you in combating world hunger? Yes. Just do what you do best-farming. Team up with other farmers, churches and community members to grow a crop for Foods Resource Bank, a partner of UMCOR. Read more…

Fair Trade
For many farmers and artisans, being able to sell into the fair trade market means the difference between being able to feed a family or not, being able to send their children to school or not, being able to have access to clean water-and many other basic necessities they can't take for granted. The UMCOR Coffee Project is a project that links congregations with small farmers and their families through fair trade. Your congregation can join in the fun!  Read more…

Political Action and Advocacy
Many of the deeper causes of world hunger and poverty, such as trade policies and international debt, cannot be resolved without action in the political sphere. You have opportunities as a Christian citizen and United Methodist to work for needed actions in the public arena. Read more…

UMCOR Partners in Fighting Hunger
Multiplying United Methodist impact is UMCOR's connection with other agencies with similar missions. See a list of valued partners and what they do.