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Love Into Action: Alleviating Global Hunger and Poverty

Five-year-old Habi listens as her mother recounts her story of walking for 48 hours to the nearest town in January when food in their Niger village ran out. The village was down to just two families when word of the HEKS food distribution spread, reuniting the village of Sabarou. CREDIT: JEFF RASMUSSEN LWR/ACT INTERNATIONAL.

The Global Hunger and Poverty Program is an integral part of UMCOR's mission to empower the most vulnerable. UMCOR wants to assist United Methodists to put their love into action.

In a world with unparalleled wealth and food production more than 800 million people go hungry every day. They're hungry not because there is not enough food but because of accessibility and equal distribution to all people, regardless of their class, gender, geography, religion, earning power, or status.

Sharing the blessings of God

The task of trying to resolve the problem of hunger and poverty involves many layers of socio-economic and political structures and systems that may be difficult to influence or control. As a church that follows the teachings of Wesley and Christ, we have a responsibility to share the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. We must also be of a mind to do this "sharing" in the spirit of sacrifice rather than charity. Charity is giving out of one's excess. Sacrifice is giving as Christ did-when we ourselves may not have enough.

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