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Ensure a Better Life for Others

A farmer in Nicaragua inspects his coffee bean crop. Credit: Paul Jeffrey/ACT International

For many farmers and artisans, being able to sell into the fair trade market means the difference between being able to feed a family or not, being able to send their children to school or not, being able to have access to clean water-and many other basic necessities they can't take for granted.

By making your purchases of coffee, tea, chocolate, and craft items from fair trade distributors, you are helping to ensure a better life for farmers and artisans globally.

UMCOR supports fair trade. We encourage United Methodists to send a signal that we want an economy that is just and sustainable.

Good Coffee for a Good Cause

"We used to live in houses made of corn husks. Now we have homes of adobe, better work, better schools, and a greater community of decision makers."-Don Miguel Sifontes, President, El Salvador coffee cooperative

The UMCOR Coffee Project links congregations with small farmers and their families through fair trade. It is a way to help people like Don Miguel Sifontes while enjoying fellowship and an excellent cup of coffee. In addition your support of the UMCOR Coffee Project provides income to UMCOR.

As Christians we can reach out to neighbors overseas with our thoughtful purchases as well as our offerings. Our buying coffee that is fairly traded leads to better health and better lives for farmers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia-some of the poorest regions of the world. We can help them earn a fairer share of income, obtain access to credit and technical support, and gain a trading partner they can trust-a fair trade organization called Equal Exchange. This is truly good coffee for a good cause!

Did You Know?

Fair trade is the alternative. Fair trade spreads the bounty of a rich crop among those who grow the crop, helping them build a better future for their families and communities. "By drinking a cup of fairly traded coffee you're giving small farmers in poor countries an opportunity to plan their own futures," affirms Gabriel Ulomi of a coffee cooperative in Tanzania.

What You Can Do

How to Order

Order coffee, tea, chocolate and other products through Equal Exchange, an employee-owned fair trade organization.

On the Web Direct from Equal Exchange


Phone 774-776-7366

Fax Fill out an order form and fax to 505-587-5955
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