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Medicine Box

The drugs that you have sent us are literally lifesaving. This praise from a hospital staff member in Malawi sums up the effectiveness of the Medicine Box program.


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About the Medicine Box

The Medicine Box Program is a cooperative effort with Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc. (IMA), a nonprofit organization owned by 12 American relief and development organizations.

A Medicine Box contains 18 essential drugs and medical supplies. The box contents are sufficient to provide a community of about 1,000 people with basic medicines and supplies for three months. It provides necessary items for day-to-day treatment of common ailments that plague people of all ages, from infants to adults.

Many clinics and hospitals around the world do not have basic medicines available on a regular basis. Medicine Boxes help fill this gap. Read on to find out how you and your community can make a huge difference.

Medicine Box Contents

The medicine box consists of items purchased by a congregation or other group, a financial donation of $375, and the remaining items purchased by IMA using the donated funds.

Contents Provided by Churches and Individuals
Please ensure that all purchases meet the following standards:




Sterile gauze 4x4 pads

50 pads

Johnson & Johnson, Curity

Adhesive tape1/2" or 1" wide

6 rolls, 10 yards or more on each roll

Johnson & Johnson, Curity

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

4 1-oz tubes

Neosporin Ointments

Aspirin 325 mg tablets

1,000 tablets

Bayer Aspirin, Equate Aspirin

Ferrous sulfate 325 mg tablets

500 tablets


Children’s chewable multivitamins with iron

500 tablets

Flinstones plus Iron, Centrum Kids Complete

Adult multivitamins with iron

500 tablets

Theragran-M, Spring Valley Terapeutic

Children's acetaminophen chewable 80mg tablets


Children's Tylenol (often this can only be found in bottles of 30)


$375 financial donation to UMCOR Advance #982640, Medicine Box, to provide funds to purchase additional items and to ship the box to its final destination

Contents Provided by IMA

IMA may substitute some of these items depending on the needs of individual hospitals or clinics.

Packing and Sending the Kit

  1. Pack the contents collected by your congregation or group in a sturdy carton and secure the box with reinforced tape.
  2. Clearly write your church or organization's name and address as the sender
  3. Write the following for the shipping address:

    IMA/Medicine Box
    c/o Brethren Service Center Annex
    601 Main Street
    New Windsor, MD 21776

If required by the shipping agency, include the phone number: 410-635-8720

  1. After you ship the kit contents, notify IMA of the shipment by sending this form via email to 

Sending the Financial Contribution

  1. Send $375 for each Medicine Box to UMCOR to provide funding for additional items and shipping.
  1. Write the check to UMCOR with "UMCOR Advance #982640, Medicine Box" written on the memo line.
  1. Print and fill out the We Have Supported the Medicine Box Program form
  2. Mail the check and the form to:

    475 Riverside Drive, Room 1500
    New York,NY 10115