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We are what we eat! As the population increases all over the world, food habits are changing. Farmland is getting scarce and food is becoming more expensive or not available.

Nutritional education and information will help people choose the foods they need for energy, growth and repair. Proper nutrition is important for growth, development and maintenance and absolutely essential for children and pregnant women.

Nutritional education has to begin at the local community, village and household levels. The local population, starting with each family, has to learn about locally available foods and how to improve food supply. The nutrition expert can demonstrate community gardens, steps to grow nutritional power house plants like Moringa, the making of nutritious cereal mixes for children and using locally available foods. The community increases its knowledge of nutrition and families will respond by improving their food habits. Agricultural experts can teach the community animal husbandry, making of compost and sound farming techniques, which ultimately will result in improved nutritional status of the population.